Unveiling the Magic of Yoga in Bangkok: Your Guide to Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio

Welcome to Bangkok, the vibrant city where ancient traditions meet modern living! Are you curious about yoga but feeling a little unsure where to begin? You’re not alone! This guide will answer all your burning questions and introduce you to Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio, your perfect sanctuary for a beginner-friendly yoga journey.

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Unveiling Your Perfect Beginner Yoga Class in Bangkok

Look no further than Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio! We offer multiple beginner-friendly classes every single day at convenient times, ensuring a safe and positive experience for yogis of all levels. Either you are looking for a drop-in yoga class or yoga membership for a long time we have it all.

Gear Up for Your First Yoga Class

  • Comfort is Key: Don’t worry about fancy attire! Just wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. We recommend breathable fabrics like cotton or yoga wear.
  • We’ve Got You Covered: At Parampara Yoga, we understand starting something new can involve some preparation. That’s why we provide yoga mats and blocks for your first class, so you can simply focus on connecting with your breath and body. Just bring a water bottle and a towel to stay hydrated and comfortable throughout your practice.

Experience Yoga Affordably (Especially During International Yoga Month!)

  • Affordable Introduction: Our usual first-time class fee is 490 baht, making it an accessible way to try yoga. But here’s some exciting news! It’s International Yoga Month, and we’re celebrating by offering a free trial class! This is the perfect opportunity to experience the magic of yoga at Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio firsthand. Plus, for a limited time during International Yoga Month, all new members who take a free trial class can enjoy a special discount on their first month’s membership!

Cultivate Inner Peace: Explore Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • Inner Peace Through Movement and Mindfulness: Are you seeking a practice that combines the physical benefits of yoga with the calming power of meditation? Look no further! We offer yoga and meditation classes that seamlessly blend these practices, allowing you to cultivate inner peace and well-being on a deeper level.

Tailor Your Practice: Take Advantage of Private Yoga Lessons

  •  Designed Just for You: Sometimes a personalized approach is ideal. At Parampara Yoga and Wellness, we offer private yoga classes where our experienced Indian and Thai yoga teachers can design a yoga practice specifically for your goals and preferences. Whether you have specific areas you would like to focus on such as back, neck and shoulder for relieving office syndrome or losing weight, toning body or improving strength and flexibility for your next outdoor golf and sports events or simply prefer one-on-one wellness coaching to sooth your mind, body and soul and relieve stress, we cater to all your unique needs. Contact us for a private yoga class today!

Explore Free Yoga Opportunities in Bangkok

  • Finding Free Yoga: While we are offering a free yoga classes on 22nd June 2024, Saturday at Benchasiri Park. Stay tuned to our social media pages (FB, IG, LINE: paramparabkk) for any updates and upcoming free yoga opportunities we might host!

Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio: Your Gateway to Yoga in Bangkok

  • Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio is here to welcome you on your yoga journey, no matter your experience level. We believe yoga is for everyone, and we’re dedicated to providing a supportive and empowering environment for you to explore the benefits of this ancient practice. So, what are you waiting for? 

Take advantage of our free trial class this International Yoga Month and discover the transformative power of yoga at Parampara Yoga & Wellness Studio! Plus, enjoy a special discount on your first month’s membership if you join as a new member during this exciting time!

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